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Hawaii Helicopters commenced operations on the island of Maui in 1985 and has remained a specialized Maui tour operator, focusing on value-priced tours of the Magic Isle yet with the highest quality equipment, service, support, and pilots. Hawaii Helicopters is based at the Kahului Heliport on Maui, and exclusively flies the advanced American Eurocopter AS350B2 turbine-powered A-Star. Hawaii Helicopters operates from a 9,500 square foot facility, complete with an expansive lobby and customer area, maintenance area, and helipad.

Our Aircraft

Hawaii Helicopters’ A-Stars are equipped with the most advanced safety technology, including a terrain mapping system, emergency floats and high visibility pulse lights. Other features include: a) air-conditioning; b) BOSE® noise canceling headsets and two-way communication between guests and their pilot; c) custom-programmed digital sound to accompany the pilot’s narration; d) 4-camera DVD system. This system is unique in that it has advanced digital cameras, employs industrial-grade switching equipment to provide seamless transitions from one camera to the next, and the final product is produced on DVD instead of VHS tape. The result? Hawaii Helicopters guests can purchase a custom DVD of themselves on their actual tour, featuring notably superior picture quality, right after their flight.

Safety Programs

Hawaii Helicopters has been certified under the Tour Operators Program of Safety (TOPS), whose rigorous national safety standards exceed FAA Part 135 Air Carrier Regulations, and also by the Helicopter Association International’s (HAI) Platinum Program of Safety. Hawaii Helicopters is regularly inspected and certified by TOPS, the HAI Platinum Program of Safety, as well as the FAA. All Hawaii Helicopters A-Stars are equipped with Honeywell’s “Terrain Awareness and Warning System” (TAWS). This system helps prevent avoidable collision with the ground, water, and obstacles—even when flying in changing weather with poor visibility, rough terrain, or at low altitudes. Hawaii Helicopters is one of only two Hawaii helicopter tour companies that have invested in this cutting-edge safety technology. As a result, we are proud that Hawaii Helicopters maintains one hundred million dollars of unrestricted liability insurance without per-passenger sub-limits; such sub-limits severely restrict the coverage afforded to the guests of other helicopter tour companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I book a tour?
  • Do you make a video of our actual tour? How long is it?
  • What should we wear?
  • Do you recommend taking anti-motion sickness medication?
  • When is the best time to fly?
  • How much experience do your pilots have?
  • How long has Hawaii Helicopters been in business?
  • Does Hawaii Helicopters offer flights that are not primarily for scenic viewing?
  • What are your hours of operation?
  • Are we going to see lava?
  • Will we be the only ones in the helicopter? How is seating arranged?
  • Are we guaranteed to see all of the sights mentioned in your tour descriptions?
  • How low do you fly?

How can I book a tour?

Choose the tour you are interested in from the drop-down menu on the home page, click the orange “Book Now” button, and complete the booking form. You can also call us at 1 (808) 877-3900. We are available to discuss your schedule and options during our normal business hours: 7:00am – 10:00pm Hawaii Standard Time.
Note: At the time of reservation, you will be asked for the individual body weights of those in your party; the FAA also requires us to weigh all guests at check-in. This is necessary to assure proper weight and balance of the aircraft as required by Federal regulation.

Do you make a video of our actual flight? How long is it?

Every flight is captured on a high quality DVD. Each helicopter is equipped with four cameras; three external and one in the cabin. The video recording begins during the boarding process. On the video, you'll most likely first see yourself as you approach the aircraft for boarding. To orchestrate the most interesting video, the pilot chooses between the forward, side or internal camera as the flight progresses. The cabin camera, for example, usually shows you right after lift-off as it is so much fun to capture our guests’ expressions of amazement. The recording is continuous until landing and includes digital quality music chosen to complement the changing scenery, plus all the pilot's narration. The video is available for purchase right after you return from your flight.

What should we wear?

Our helicopters are temperature-controlled so dress comfortably. If you plan to take photographs we recommend wearing darker colors to reduce any window reflections.

Does Hawaii Helicopters offer flights that are not primarily for scenic viewing?

Yes. We are a charter company, and we also offer transportation to golfers, hikers, and travelers who may have limited time or who want to visit lesser-traveled areas. We will fly you where you want to go, at whatever time you prefer, provided our equipment and personnel are available.

What are your hours of operation?

We open for business at 7:00 am each day and close at 10:00 pm, Hawaii Standard Time. (Note that Hawaii time does not change with Daylight Savings Time.) We are 2 hours earlier than Pacific Standard Time — for example, 9:00am in California is 7:00am in Hawaii. However, Hawaii is 3 hours earlier than Pacific Daylight Savings Time — for example, 9:00am in California is 6:00am in Hawaii.

Will we be the only ones in the helicopter? How is seating arranged?

Unless you charter the complete helicopter you will be sharing the flight with other guests. We try to seat couples and families side-by-side as much as possible. We cannot guarantee particular seating as it is often dictated by our FAA approved “weight and balance” program. However, visibility from every seat in our A-Stars is excellent, since there are no cabin partitions that would block part of the view as is the case on other types of helicopters.

Are we guaranteed to see all of the sights mentioned in your tour descriptions?

The points of interest mentioned in our tour descriptions are highlights of the tour, which we always do our best to show you depending on wind and weather. Each tour is unique in that we'll show you the best currently available scenery while also trying to accommodate all of your special requests within the generally allotted time.

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Great experience! Had no plans to take a heli ride but glad we did. First time ever!

Dave and Vicki H., Pennsylvania

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Hawaii Helicopters Is certified by T.O.P.S., the Tour Operators Program of Safety,whose standards exceed the FAA's.

Proud member of H.A.I., Helicopter Association International, and certified by the H.A.I. Platinum Program of Safety.